Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to assisting you with your projects aiming at managing and preserving your wealth.
We prepare for you a broad range of investment strategies, aimed at increasing your capital and income over the long term.
We strive to bring you something that goes well beyond figures:
Confidence in the future.

The values that guide us


We take pride in building lasting relationships. We advise and accompany you over the long run, through all the key life events.


Our attachment to stability transpires in the longevity of our company and its team. This is equally illustrated by our investment approach which focuses on the preservation of wealth and the effective management of risk.


Trust is acquired over time and earned on the basis of actions. At Citadel, commitment is a golden rule. Each wealth manager establishes a dedicated, long lasting relationship with clients, supported by the skills of an entire team.


Our rigorous wealth management approach is applied to all our clients. It serves to avoid diverging strategies and any significant disparity in performance, while systematically integrating each client’s specific requirements.


Our client relationships are bound by a rule of absolute confidentiality. Our role is that of a trusted, involved and attentive partner.


Our work ethic is to focus solely on our client’s interests. We are an independent financial company, free of any influence from banks or large institutions.


Our company history is characterised by an unwavering family spirit and a sense of duty and ethics that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Today, we are proud to offer this true value-added service to our clients, based on an ideal combination of talents. You benefit from the expertise of the best wealth managers in the marketplace, along with the dedication of the Citadel team, providing overview, flexibility and total transparency.

Anne de Boccard founded Citadel
in 1998

Anne de Boccard founded Citadel in 1998 based on 20 years of experience alongside her father in private banking at Credit Suisse where she carried out her projects with conviction and intelligence, instilling a rare sense of dedication to clients.

Citadel merged with Rive Investissement SA

In 2004, Citadel merged with Rive Investissements SA. Its founder, Stephane Ricard, brought along his broad experience from a career within Banque Franck, a Geneva based private bank. He worked closely with Anne de Boccard sharing the same values and work ethics.

Moving to

the offices in Champel

New wealth management model

Our wealth management model was implemented in 2011. It has brought us a sound reputation as a reliable and innovative player in the marketplace. We create investment strategies on the basis of a selection of specialized funds, managed by carefully selected market sector experts under the strict supervision of our team.

Citadel purchased GPP SA

Citadel purchased GPP SA, which was founded in Geneva in 1997. Andres Cabezas joined our team thus ensuring the continuity of client relationships developed over the years.

Citadel purchased Trillium SA

Trillium SA, an asset management company founded in 2002 by Marc Amyot, with a licence granted from FINMA, joined the group in 2017 with the aim of delevopping asset management services.

Citadel purchased JPK AG

Citadel purchased a company in Zürich, JPK Asset Management AG, and is proud to have now an office there, at 61 Bahnhofstrasse.

de Boccard

Partner, Chairman of the Board

Alain Bruno Lévy

Vice Chairman of the Board

Claude Messulam

Member of the Board

Pascal Roduit

Partner, Delegate Member of the Board

Marc Lemaire

Partner, CEO

Jasmine de Boccard Vetterli

Partner, Executive committee

Jérôme Grassiot


Jérôme Bruttin

Relationship Manager

Andrés Cabezas

Partner, Relationship Manager

Jan Hagenfeldt

Relationship Manager

Gilles Monbaron

Relationship Manager

Fabrice Page

Relationship Manager

Christophe Péclard

Relationship Manager

Vincent Rappo

Relationship Manager

Alkisti Sfakianaki Ausoni

Relationship Manager

Nektarios Zouzoulas

Relationship Manager

Stefan Balmer

Risk Manager

Damien Pineau-Valencienne

Senior Portfolio Manager

Conrad Moscheni

IT Specialist

Tiziana Veuillet

Assistant Account Manager

Cintia Palumbo

Assistant Account Manager

Jasna Saporta

Assistant Account Manager

Jacqueline Steinegger

Assistant Account Manager

Sara Ter-Borch

Junior Assistant

Remy Sepetoski

Accounting Assistant

Isabelle Freri

Compliance Assistant

Pauline Smeeckaert

Administrative assistant